Drink Up, Youngstown!



One night, my now wife (we were dating at the time) and I were sitting at The Draught House having a fine sampling of their beer and someone said the phrase that gets under my skin, “Man, there’s never ANYTHING to do in Youngstown.”

I turned to this fine gentleman and rattled off about 10 things to do from a hockey game, to bands playing in the area, a beer rep was having a release party and who knows what else, but I in just the normal social media pages I’d perused that day, I found all those things to do without even looking hard.

I looked back at my beer, took a sip and said, “Ya know, I should do something with this knowledge I accumulate,” and thought about a lady I was acquainted with in Columbus who has a pretty kick-ass blog called “Drink Up Columbus” (Twitter, Facebook) and asked how she got started. A few tweets later I laid the groundwork for Drink Up Youngstown.

Over the years, we’ve evolved and gotten a pretty good handle on what’s happening with the bars, restaurants, clubs, music venues and events in our five-county area, and are glad so many of you are here with us today! As always, if your favorite spot isn’t on the list, and it’s not a members-only establishment, let us know, and if they’ve got an active social media page, we’ll be glad to give them a follow and share what’s up! Thanks!


Like bowling, live music, great food, good pizza & cold beer? Hit up Westside Bowl!

westsidebowl-clipped2617 Mahoning Avenue • Youngstown, Ohio • (330) 792-7675 • Facebook

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