The Monster Meads

Dav here. Hey folks I hope you are gearing up for an epic All Hallow’s Eve weekend. Whether you are hitting up one of the many barspots tonight, going all out at a house party or just watching scary movies. Here is a small list of meads that may make a night even more enjoyable.

1. B Nektar’s Black Fang

2. Eye of Odin’s Jormungandr(Hubbard,Ohio)

3. Crafted’s Spiced Apple Cyser

4 . Schramm’s Nutmeg

5. Brokers Drake Honey Oak

6. Iqhilika Birdseye Chili

7. Apis Trójniak Bernardynski

8. Chaucer’s wildflower Mulled(Mulling spices normall come with a bottle)

Now if you wish to make a spiced hot cider with mead here some of the ones I would personally recommend.

1. Schramm’s Ginger

2. Brothers Drake Blueberry Sage

3. Apis Dwójnaik Kurpiowski

4. Valley Vineyards Original

5. Bunratty

6. Chaucer’s

Be safe out there on your ghoulish endeavors.

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